Commercial use

Our range for a clean and comfortable indoor climate

Multisplit units exterior parts

Within our multisplit outdoor units range we present the Free Match for cooling and heating commercial spaces such as shops or offices. The Gree Free Match in combination with one or more of the 6 possible indoor parts offers endless possibilities to make your working climate more pleasant.

Multisplit units inside

The extensive Gree multisplit units consist of various models of internal parts which, in combination with the Free Match multisplit external part, provide excellent performance in the field of cooling and heating. Do you want a comfortable indoor climate for your shop or office? Our 6 different modern and energy efficient indoor units always offer a suitable solution of excellent quality.

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Fairy – CassetteConsoleFloor/Ceiling model U-CrownDuct/channel

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Antibacterial filter

Mono split U-Match

Within our Gree monosplit U-Match range we present three interior parts for cooling and heating commercial spaces such as hotel rooms, practice rooms or catering establishments. The Gree U-Match is mounted above the ceiling and blows the air almost silently into the desired room via air vents or air hoses. The combination with the internal parts Cassette, Floor/Ceiling model and Duct/channel makes the U-Match the most complete and best choice for an excellent indoor climate.

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Cassette – Floor/Ceiling model – Duct/channel

Cabinet and column models

The T-Fresh is our latest addition to the cabinet and column model segment, a split-unit model suitable for cooling and heating offices, restaurants or other (large) commercial spaces. The freestanding indoor unit of the T-Fresh ensures quick and easy installation. Thanks to the inverter technology, this compact air conditioning unit has a surprisingly high efficiency.

Air-water heat pumps

Our Gree Versati heat pumps are suitable for heating and cooling homes or offices and can also prepare domestic hot water. The Versati is available in a split or monoblock version and can be used both hybrid and all-electric. The unique patented Gree two-stage compressor and the latest inverter technology ensure high energy performance.

Sanitary units

The Gree sanitary boiler is within our range for commercial use your best choice for the production of domestic hot water. The solid boilers, available in a 200 or 300 litre version, have double sensors and an electric heating element for heating the sanitary water up to 80°C to prevent the growth of bacteria.

Multi VRF system GMV5 Mini / Slim

Would you like to cool and heat a commercial space such as a shop, restaurant or office? The silent and energy efficient Gree VRF system GMV5 is the best solution for you. You can connect up to 13 inner parts to this outside part, in different versions, which can be operated individually. There are 5 types of models of inner parts to connect to the GMV5 system, in different capacity versions. Do you need a larger VRF system? Then we would like to refer you to our Utility page.

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