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Residential use

Our range for residential use consists of air conditioning for residential applications, as a wall or console model. For recreational users, a special air conditioning system has been developed for motorhomes or caravans. Finally, we have included dehumidifiers and mobile air conditioners within this segment.

Commercial use

Within our range for commercial use, we offer various types of air conditioning, heat pumps and sanitary water units for applications in commercial spaces. Our multi- and monosplit and Gree Multi Variable (GMV) systems cool and heat your space(s) for a pleasant working environment.


Do you want to simultaneously cool and heat multiple rooms in, for example, a shopping mall, primary care centre, office complex or hotel? Our economical Gree GMV system provides optimum performance for a higher heating capacity.

Air treatment

To improve the air quality in your indoor climate, we present our Gree air treatment systems with air cleaners and mobile dehumidifiers. These systems are compact in size but great in efficiency.

Test and monitoring equipment

Gree test tools read technical data from both the indoor and outdoor units of your air conditioning system for perfect monitoring. Gree controllers remotely control multiple air conditioners from one central location.

Our mission statement

Since 1993 we import the high quality and durable air conditioning, heat pump and air treatment systems from our partner Gree.

Worldwide, Gree has 300 million users and produces more than 60 million air conditioning systems for the residential market. Gree manufactures in 12 different facilities in China, but also in Brazil and Pakistan. This means that Gree produces 1 in 3 air conditioning systems in use worldwide.

Gree is the largest international manufacturer in this segment with a sales network within 200 countries and regions.


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